Police Equipment and Public Security Products Expo 2018

Chairman of DD Security, Mr.Devendra Bajgain and executive director Mr.Pema Yonjan participated in 4th Lianyungang Forum held in Jiangsu province, China from Sep 11 to 13, 2018.

Lianyungang Forum is the abbreviation of the International Law Enforcement Cooperation Forum of the New Asia-Europe Continental Bridge Safety Corridor. It is an international law enforcement security cooperation platform sponsored by the Ministry of Public Security, co-organized by the Ministry of Public Security of Jiangsu Province and organized by the Public Security Bureau of Lianyungang. Over 250 foreign law enforcement and security officials from 51 countries and international organizations covering five continents participated, including deputy ministerial and generals. As an important part of the “Lianyungang Forum”, Lianyungang Fair is held at the same time during each of the annual sessions. It serves mainly domestic and foreign guests attending the forum, and also invites public security agencies and police equipment and security circles across the country to visit and exchange views.

It was a proud moment for DD Security to a Nepali company having active participation in the forum. The agreement was signed for cash in transaction (CIT) vehicle implementation for the use of banks in Nepal.

Some interesting technologies we noticed in the event were intelligent security like video surveillance, image processing, biometrics, alarm systems, access control system, entrance/exit control and infrared thermal imager. Law enforcement personnel equipment, police equipment, emergency Rescue and firefighting products seemed to be highly practical and important factors useful in a security system for Nepal. Our commitment for quality security service in Nepal is strengthened with this new association and our motto “Aim to protect” shall have the better impact in coming days.

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