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Advantage and Disadvantage of Recruitment Agencies

There are many advantages and very less disadvantages of hiring through Recruitment Agencies.

Advantage of hiring through a Recruitment Agency

Although the alternative of recruitment agencies are in-house recruiting, job boards and social networking, Recruitment Agencies are still preferred by many companies for filling the vacant positions. The Recruitment Agencies specialize in recruiting talented staffs for companies. Manpower Agencies act like eyes and ears in marketplace and provide effective counselling on market trends, pay scales and who are your competitors targeting so that you can attract talented candidates.

What are the main advantages of Recruitment Agencies?

Knowledge of the market

Expert recruiters closely observe the market trend. So, they know who are the talented candidates and they also know how to reach those able candidates. Moreover, they have clear understanding of salary rates and expectations.

Extended reach

Not all able candidates answer to your job advertisements. Most of the talented candidates are choosy while the others are passive. The good manpower hiring companies have extended reach over market and thus they know about talented candidates even if they are passive. So, they will reach able candidates who have necessary skills and experiences.

Attract only Candidates and not Applicants

Not all applicants are candidates. When the company attract unnecessary applicants, lots of valuable time of company gets wasted in the process of filtering, matching and maintaining communication with applicants. When you hire candidate through recruitment companies, the recruitment companies do all the task of filtering, matching and communicating so that you get only the best candidates for selection.

Some of the reasons to use recruitment companies is to use for temporary staffing service. Some of them also use recruitment companies to minimize staffing cost.

Disadvantage of Recruitment agencies

Candidates will have difficulty knowing if the recruitment companies will send their biodata to employers.

Recruitment companies tend to place you in a job similar to the work that you had done before. So, recruitment company may not be right choice if you expect a change in career.

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