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Building Security
The site under construction as well as the residential buildings has their unique needs and requirements where security is concerned. A uniformed guard is the most effective way to stop most of the threats.

Major Threats:
1.    Theft / Robbery.
2.    Unauthorized access.
3.    Fire.
4.    Common assault / Brawl.
5.    Acts of vandalism.
6.    Accidents.
7.    Harassment i.e. sexual, personal, etc.
8.    Electricity failures.
9.    Water leakage.
We supply uniformed security guards to site under construction as well as the residential buildings. At DD Security our guards are diligent and take pride in the job they are paid to do.

General Roles and The Responsibilities of Today’s Security Officers:
1.    Prevent and detect losses by theft.
2.    Prevent water damage.
3.    Prevent fire damage.
4.    Prevent vandalism.
5.    Prevent unauthorized access.
6.    Prevent unauthorized removal or movement of equipment and material from a location.
7.    Access control i.e. visitors, contractors, workforce etc into the Clients premises.
Security measures:
1.    Uniformed security guards.
2.    Installation of deadbolt locks.
3.    Key control policy.
4.    Alarm systems.
5.    Assignment of Floor Marshall.
6.    Installations of an Electronic Access Control System.
7.    Video surveillance.
8.    Supervision from Control Room.
9.    Mobile Patrol.

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