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Choosing Right job agency in Kathmandu

Since it is getting harder and harder to find job in Kathmandu- Nepal, many youths are looking for ways in choosing right job agency in Kathmandu. There are few things that should be considered. Background check is absolutely necessary. Remember to see about legal compatibility like where and when is manpower agency registered; ask if the company assures financial security. If available, ask for client reference or reference from those who have already started working in foreign soil by going through that company. It is very reliable source of info if you can manage to get reference. Remember to ask how much they are getting as salary, what are the other benefits that they are getting from the company, if there is facility of Overtime, if the agreement covers health insurance, will you have to manage for food and accommodation on your own or if the company provides cost for your living and other.

DD Security Services Pvt. Ltd. is where you want to be if you are looking for best agency in Kathmandu for security job in Dubai, UAE and other countries. Our support from expert staffs is what distinct us from rest of the crowd of manpower agencies. Contact us for reliable manpower service from Nepal.

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