Notice Board :

No. of Vacancy: 2
 - Candidate should have minimum 2 years of experience.
 - Candidate should be at least able to read and write.

 Job Description:

·          1.      Keep whole office neat and Clean including restroom, stare, room, desks, tables, chairs, compound & Corridor using brushes, clothes, scrubbers, sponge, dust-pan, bucket, detergents, disinfectants and chemicals.

2.      Proper placements of door mats and cushions.

3.      Daily clean-ups and arrangement of dustbins at all workstations.

4.      Placement of wastes in easy reach of public waste collectors.

5.      Avoid odors using disinfectants, phenyl and fresheners.

6.      Avoid occasional and accidental spoils and mess-ups by applying immediate and appropriate cleaning measures.

7.      Wipe and clean wall frames, glasses and curio items frequently.

8.      Report about the damages, breakages, leakages and misplacements noticed during duty to concerned staff immediately.

Deadline of Application: 24th Kartik 2072

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