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Female Security Guard Jobs in Dubai

DD Security Services Pvt. Ltd. has come up with limited number of female security guard jobs in Dubai for Nepalese ladies. They can work as a security guard in top companies of Dubai including hospital, multiplex and shopping center. Female Security guard salary varies according to the companies that they are assigned in. Also, different companies may allow different benefits along with basic monthly salary. Some of the commonly allowed additional benefits include accommodation facility, daily allowance, Over Time Allowance and Transport Facility. Type of employer also has a lot to say in the salary of female security guard. Also, you may be assigned different role and responsibilities. Another determining factor is your skill in negotiation and communication skills that is how much you can convince your employee about your capabilities.    

Both- experienced and inexperienced ladies can apply for security guard job vacancy. Dubai is an attractive nation for workers due to their high payment and worker friendly policy.  DD Security Services Pvt. Ltd. will provide basic training to the female candidates. So, anybody with physical fitness can apply for the post. It would be useful if you have previous self defense training or if you were a player of martial art. Since there is no better employment opportunity in Nepal due to political turmoil and other problems, many people are looking for Nepalese female security guard vacancy in Dubai, UAE and other mid east countries. 

Contact us soon and visit our office with your MRP passport and recent passport size photos so that we can provide you with better career counseling regarding top places for security guard job hire. The seats are limited and the candidates will be selected after walk- in- interview. Age group in between 20 to 30 is best for   Female Security Jobs in Dubai.

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