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How to spot good manpower agency in Nepal

Manpower Agencies in Nepal acts as the link in between companies and candidates. It is a very daunting task to find the right recruitment agency. Be careful and use your networks. Given below are tips on how to spot good manpower agency in Nepal.


Always know what you want

You should know what you want. If you are a company, you must have some idea on what you are looking for in candidate like the qualification level, experience and more. For candidate, you should have certain expectation of salary and others. Being clear on what you want will help you in finding best companies or candidates that you want.


Do Research

In this technological world, you can get lots of information from internet. Add extra information like destination country in which you want to work, the job category in which you want to work and more.


Communicating with hiring agencies

Having proper communication with hiring agency is essential in order to get the correct job according to your interest and needs.


Know the Price

Do not forget to ask about the service charge and be sure to ask if the agency have any other hidden fees. Always choose for reliable manpower agency.

So, follow these tips to know good manpower agency in Nepal and prevent yourself from the fraud agency.


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