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Manpower Agency in Nepal
 With establishment of several manpower Agency in Nepal, many Nepalese people have been employed in foreign companies. Gulf countries have always been the easiest destination for Nepalese labour. Both men and women are getting job in Mid East Countries according to their qualification and abilities. Hospitality, Security Sector and Construction are most common job categories for Nepalese people. There is huge demand of skilled, unskilled and semi-skilled manpower in gulf countries and the top companies are choosing Nepalese manpower agency to find proper candidate for the job. 
Those who are looking for job can contact us with their CV and we will help them find the best job for them according to their level of qualification and interest. Similarly, we provide expert counselling to employees who are looking for advice on hiring Nepalese manpower. As a leading security staff recruiting company in Nepal, DD Security Services Pvt. Ltd. provides security guards for retail security, event security and other security purpose. Mobile patrols are specifically useful in large companies. Nepalese are known for their bravery that they had shown during world war. Our link with some of the top companies in Mid East Countries ensure that the candidates get best salary, allowance and job opportunities and thus they get more job satisfaction. 
Do not waste your valuable time wandering her and there. Visit one of the best manpower hiring agency in Nepal. Our expert staffs will analyse your skills and desire and then guide you in applying for the best job. 
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