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Manpower in Nepal

Constitution of Nepal has identified people from Age Group 16 to 40 as youth. These youths are the driving force for production and industrialization which is vital for any given country to progress and have strong financial foundation. Many of these manpower in Nepal are getting wasted in lack of proper opportunity to show their true potential.

In this dire situation, DD Security Services Pvt. Ltd. is doing wonderful job of recruiting Nepalese manpower in Dubai and other mid-east countries. Nepalese are known for their bravery. Even Nepoleon, one of the greatest conquerors in the world praised Nepalese for their bravery that they displayed during war. As the famous quote goes- "If a man says he is not afraid of dying, he is either lying or is a Gorkhali."

There is huge demand of security guard job in Dubai for Nepali manpower. It is because Nepalese are less easy to hire. They are loyal towards the company, they can handle pressure well and they are swift in action. Also, hiring Nepali for job is less expensive than manpower hiring from other Asian countries like India and Vietnam.

 DD Security Services Pvt. Ltd. is the leading employment agency in Nepal that offers jobs in the Middle East countries. We have helped to facilitate several job placements in Mid East countries Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai and other countries. We are committed in facilitating several job openings. Contact us for latest manpower jobs in Nepal.

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