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Manpower Vacancy in Nepal

DD Security Services Pvt. Ltd. announces manpower vacancy in Nepal under different categories. There are so many manpower companies in Nepal. So, the most common question is – ‘Why should you choose DD Security Services for human recruitment?’

 We are the government licensed manpower company who have been authorized by Nepal Government to conduct human recruiting service. We have links with many top companies and we also have an extensive collection of able candidates. Thus, we can be the perfect bridge to fill in the space in between the company who is in need of right candidate and the people who are looking for job in Dubai and other Middle East countries. Gulf countries are better place for overseas manpower recruitment. Development work is continuing at fast pace in Middle East countries. Rapid development work is not possible without massive manpower. So, there is huge demand of manpower from these companies.

We get regular manpower vacancy from companies in these countries. Nepalese manpower have built quite a reputation in these companies. They are not only cheap to hire than people from other south Asian countries like India, Vietnam and Pakistan but they are also dedicated towards their work and they are loyal. Contact us and we offer best manpower counselling in Nepal for companies while we recruit human resources in leading companies.

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