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Mobile Patrols
DD Security provides a comprehensive security services that can be customized to meet the needs and requirements of our clients. Mobile patrols are randomly carried out at day or night depending on the requirement. Criminals get more violent if they are confronted directly by the client and to keep them away and secure the clients is DD Security’s business. Random mobile patrols can be in individual basis or in mass depending on the needs.

Retail shopping centers and residential communities have unique security needs. Some locations need a constant 24 hours presence of security, whereas others might require an officer to patrol a larger area, visiting different places at random times. Both of these security methods are very effective at crime and theft prevention, and DD Security is in a distinctive position to deliver both types of services. With our security patrol vehicles, our security officers guard shopping centers and communities in a quick, quiet and safe manner.

The security patrol vehicles are an excellent method of implementing a quiet, mobile security guard presence. Our patrol vehicles have been used throughout Kathmandu City to provide security for gated communities and retail outlets. One of the biggest benefits of the patrol vehicle is a completely silent way with no engine noise, gated residential communities and condominiums have the security they need, day and night, without disturbing the peace of the residents.

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