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Operation Manager

No. of Vacancy: 1
- Applicant should have minimum qualification of Bachelor level.
- Applicant should have at least 5 years experience in the relevant field.
- Applicant should have good communication skill in English.

Job Description:

1.      Prepare annual business plan separately for each unit under the monitoring and supervision of MD, and in coordination with Sales and Research & Development Departments, and collect approval from MD/BOD.

2.      Give daily/weekly/monthly/annual performance targets to each unit on the basis of business plan, collect actual performance status, prepare comparison, calculate achievement and non-achievement, identify route causes & effective corrective actions, and apply the best corrective actions.

3.      Prepare daily/weekly/monthly/annual business review reports, submit to MD/BOD, collect inputs, plan for implementation and execute effectively.

4.      Coordinate with HR Department for preparation of competence matrix and recruitment of staffs in Operations Department.

5.      Prepare guideline for Training Officer about the type of training, course design, training schedule, and competence matrix for instructors in coordination with HR Department.

6.      Implement, monitor, evaluate and control the Operations Department, and advise MD/BOD on the policy and procedures of the Department.

7.      Prepare, revise, update and observe the result of QA/QC tests of the output of Training Unit conducted by Quality Control Unit and give advice to Training Unit Head for needful corrective and preventive actions based on the findings of the tests.

8.       Oversee, evaluate and control the operation of distribution, placement, transfer and reserve management of the security guard running as per the system.

9.      Oversee, evaluate and control the operation of Communication Unit and ensure timely execution of the instructions given by the unit.

10.  Oversee, evaluate and control the operation of Transportation Unit.

11.  Check and verify the adequacy of equipments, manpower, facility and resources of the entire Operation Department.

Deadline of Application:
24th Kartik 2072

Operation Manager
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