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Process of Manpower Recruitment in Nepal

Nepalese manpower are in huge demand in international labour market. Process of manpower recruitment in Nepal is very friendly with international labour law. Given below are some of the essential process of hiring manpower that any people who wish to apply for recruitment in Nepal has to follow:

Firstly, a foreign company will contact DD Security Services with required number of employees that they require. Then, we will advertise the vacancy along with requirement for candidates to apply in local newspaper and we will also use other means to let people know of vacancy. Those people who feel their qualification matches the requirements should contact us. We will then conduct written tests and interviews as per the need of employer company. Alternatively, the company can also send their own representative to conduct tests and interview.  

There are certain necessary documents for manpower hire from Nepal. They are Power of Attorney, Demand Letter which is attested by Chamber of Commerce and Foreign Affairs & Nepal Embassy, Agency Agreement, Employment Agreement, Guarantee Paper Visa copy/NOC Letter and Medical Examination Report. The medical examination report will be analysed by qualified doctors. We will ensure that every selected candidates strictly go through medical check-up process as per the need of our clients.

We strongly recommend to make an agreement in between candidates and employer so that no any complication may arise in future. Other Manpower hiring process in Nepal include Verification and authentication of certificates, Visa endorsement, ticketing, Pre-departure orientation and briefing.

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