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PSBD course in Nepal

DD Security Services Pvt. Ltd. is offering PSBD course in Nepal.  For those who are wondering what is PSBD? Full form of PSBD is Private Security Business Department. A people who want to work as Security Guard in UAE must pass PSBD exam. Private Security Business Department is the small division of Abu Dhabi police force which is accountable for licensing and enforcing law in security business.  PSBD license is valid in six states in UAE. Through PSBD Training, we will provide PSBD question and answer.  Latest PSBD course includes hospitality specific training course.

Get PSBD training in Kathmandu in professional environment where you will get an opportunity to groom your character and personality. Training will be practical oriented and you will be taught skills that are helpful in solving problems which you will face while you are on duty. You will receive a certificate verifying that you have passed the PSBD exam. 

You must take short period of NSI Training (National Security Institute) before giving PSBD test. Once you pass the NSI Test, your company will inform you about the date for PSBD exam.

DD Security Overseas is the reliable Agency to learn PSBD in Kathmandu. You will be taught by the highly experienced instructor who has several years of experience in teaching PSBD course. Know how to pass PSBD exam with good marks. You will be taught all secrets and tips for PSBD exam. 

We can book your Private Security Business Department exam date. Come and learn from the expert. We will assist you in finding PSBD security guard job vacancy in UAE.  

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