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Psbd Security Guard Exam Sample Paper for Abu Dhabi in Nepal

You can get Psbd security guard exam sample paper for Abu Dhabi in Nepal from DD Security Services Pvt. Ltd. We are one of the most trusted security company in Nepal. Full form of PSBD is Private Security Business Department. We are conducting psbd training class for Abu Dhabi in Nepal. Our teachers are experienced PSBD security guards. You will get sample questions for PSBD exam. Before PSBD test, you have to take NSI exam during which you will be evaluated for your discipline, communication skill and notebook maintaining skill. Always remember to wear iron pressed uniform and shiny shoes and never gossip with other trainees or use mobile phone. Try your best to properly convey what you mean to say. While using notebook, you must not use tippex or erase your words or tear the pages out of notebook. You can cross the wrong word with a single line. Remember to add initial date and sign in notebook. You will also need to give PSBD security guard written exam for Abu Dhabi. For written exam, a total of 40 questions will be given to you. You need to answer these questions within an hour. The minimum pass mark for PSBD is 70% which means you need to give minimum 28 correct answers out of 40 questions.

Psbd exam is given in UAE but you can take PSBD training in Nepal. You can download psbd security guard sample paper pdf file from different websites in internet. You can also give psbd sample test from our website You can get details on psbd class by looking at training program. Enroll in our psbd training class and you will get psbd exam questions and handouts.  We are your most trusted source for Psbd Security Guard Exam Sample Paper for Abu Dhabi in Nepal. So, do not wander here and there and go for the best psbd training institute.

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