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Recruitment and Job Placement Services from Nepal

DD Security Services Pvt. Ltd. offers recruitment and job placement services from Nepal. Being one of the leading manpower agency, we match candidates looking for jobs with work. There are many benefits of choosing human resource recruitment service from Nepal. Candidates can not only get work experience but they can also hone their skills and increase the contact.

Job placement companies in Nepal will help you find abroad jobs as well as jobs in Kathmandu and other cities of Nepal. When reaching out to human resource companies, you can find jobs that can fit your personal situation.

Tips for working with Human resource companies 

Do some research and find out what you can expect from the human resource companies that you are going to work with.

Be clear about the pay rate and benefits that you can get. Benefits can be in the form of overtime, accommodation, food, transportation and other.  

Most importantly, you are expected by Employing Agencies to be available when they offer you with work. When the candidate turn down few job offers, the agency will stop to reach out to that candidate in future.

Keep visiting our site for latest job vacancies. Contact us if you want recruitment service from Nepal.  

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