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Salary of Security Guard in Dubai

Recently, there has been craze among Nepalese to seek abroad job. People often wonder about salary of security guard in Dubai for Nepalese. Each year, Nepalese youths go to Middle East countries in thousands of numbers in search of work and Security guard is one of the attractive job among Nepalese. Many manpower agencies in Nepal offer security guard jobs in Dubai with free visa. One of the main reason for people looking for Dubai security jobs vacancies is due to its attractive salary. Although the salary varies from one company to another, average salary for security guard is AED 2000. 1 AED (United Arab Emirates Dirham) is equal to 29.82 Nepali Rupees. Thus, security guard salary in Abu Dhabi is equal to NPR 59,640. Along with salary, security guard can enjoy several other benefits and allowances. Bear in mind that allowance and benefits varies according to company rules. Usually, a security guard gets lodging facility but they do not get free food. Working Period of security guard usually is 6 days in 1 week and they must work for 8 hours in 1day. The contract remains valid for 2years.

Along with basic salary of security guard in Dubai, they can also work Overtime from which they can earn additional money. Candidates who are willing to be a security guard in Dubai must be ex-army or ex- police or they must have experience of working as a civil security guard. Contact Us if you are looking for security guard job in Dubai. DD Security Services Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading security guard recruitment agency from Nepal.

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