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Security Guard Job in Emirates and Dubai

Since there are not enough job vacancies in Nepal, many Nepalese manpower look for employment in foreign soil. Security guard job in Emirates and Dubai has been the attractive work for Nepalese. DD Security Services Pvt. Ltd. is your reliable destination for overseas security recruitment job. Keep visiting our site and you will learn about latest security guard vacancy in Emirates and Dubai. Although these two destinations are great for security job, you cannot directly work as a guard there as you need to pass PSBD test and take license for guard.

At DD Security Services Pvt. Ltd., we provide complete counselling and conduct PSBD training class in which the experienced teachers will teach you all the secrets and tips on how to pass PSBD test. You will be provided with model PSBD test question so that you can know what type of questions to expect.

We always make sure that our candidates get the best job with attractive salary. Nepalese are known all over the world for their bravery. So, many foreign companies offer huge demand for security guard. These companies usually prefer ex- Army and ex-police staffs.

Contact us with the CV and we will suggest the best companies which offer the attractive security guard vacancy in Dubai and Emirates in which you can work with better salary. Other benefits will however depend largely on the policy of the company in which you get hired. Other benefits include accommodation facility, food facility, overtime facility and many more. We are fully aware of the seriousness of the work nature of the guards which is why we not only look for skills but also the physical fitness of the candidate that we recommend. 

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