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Security Guard Supplier Company from Nepal

Recruitment Agency/ Manpower Nepal, DD Overseas is a leading manpower recruitment agency which is functioning on the behalf of Nepal with a number of recruitment ways out and on time trustworthy services. We largely supply Security Guard for essential security companies regarding industries, organizations, personal security, factories or even body guards. We are acknowledged as the Security Guard Supplier Company from Nepal and we are fulfilling our duties with extra efforts. Due to our hard works candidates along with clients from Global companies feel good to work with us.

Every nation or organization wants peace and security so they are looking for trustworthy person and then after research they have no problem to hire Security Guard from Nepal. While supplying security guard we do check the backgrounds of candidates as this is the respectable job which is directly linked with the “security”. We are supplying Security Guards for g4 Security Company since they have group 4 security jobs. Gurkha security guards had has earned the name and fame with their loyal behaviors and that fact cannot be denied.  So time and again Qatar Security Company asks for eligible Security Guard from us as they find us the credible supplier from Nepal. In Nepal, there are lots of manpower companies are emerging who claim that they can provide the best security guard and so called supplier they are fail to train the candidates. As a result those candidates are unable to cope up in new atmosphere and that are misrepresenting Nepal and its candidates.

Global clients have the record of all the manpower companies along with the supplier’s company profile and our company profile is clear and precise we are free from biased. For us all the candidates are alike and your experience with your qualification makes us to decide. To lure the candidate for the job of security guard we never gone for illegal actions though we wish the candidates are approved to work there and raise their status along with Nepalese economic status. May be because of these mind set we are counted as the topmost supplier of security guard. We would like to bring the evidence that our candidates which are send though our overseas are performing well as the security guards. They are securing the lives and property of people and the organizations through which the company, organizations are able to sleep well.  

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