Notice Board :

Senior Instructor
 - Candidate should be Ex-Army Major/Captain with experience of minimum 10 years.
 - Should be able to conduct training to Security Guards
 - Candiadate should have minimum qualification of intermediate level.
 - Candidates having experience in training instutes are preferred.
 - Candidate should have good communication skill in English.

 Job Discription:

1.      Prepare training packages, publish ads and make brochures and collect application forms via reception desk to prepare databank.

2.      Coordinate with HR Department for search, selection and appointment of trainers.

3.      Arrange training Shift, size, allocate subject wise trainees from applicant databank and communicate to applicants.

4.      Prepare and finalize training course design, teaching materials and training schedule, and accumulate the materials and equipments as required by the trainers and trainees.

5.      Provide the teaching materials, equipments and course design to instructors.

6.      Categorize trainee groups on the basis of background and qualifications of Trainees.

7.      Arrange post-training test and issue certificate for the guards completing training.

8.      As per instruction by MD/BOD, work out for new faculty of training, accumulate course materials, arrange facility and promote for application of trainees for the course.

9.      Observe the training classes and make sure that classes are running as per course design and schedule.

10.  Observe the training area, identify problems and coordinate with Operation Head for solving the problems. 

Deadline of Application: 
24th Kartik 2072

Senior Instructor
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