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Static Security
In today’s society where crimes are ever on the increase, the statutory agencies in general cannot afford the time to detect, prevent or have an eye on the crimes committed in and around the workplace or to regularly patrol the property of individuals or Companies. Generally internal crimes within the Companies apart from the serious cases are decided internally by the company management and rectified. As company management is responsible for securing and protecting its own premises, this responsibility could be delegated to the Security Company.

General Crimes occurring within the workplace:
1.    Theft / Shoplifting.
2.    Common assault.
3.    Sexual harassment.
4.    Fire started deliberately or by accident.
5.    Acts of vandalism.
6.    Industrial espionage.
7.    Unauthorized access.
8.    Common accidents.
General Roles and The Responsibilities of Today’s Security Officers:
1.    Prevent and detect losses by theft.
2.    Prevent water damage.
3.    Prevent fire damage.
4.    Prevent vandalism.
5.    Prevent unauthorized access.
6.    Prevent unauthorized removal or movement of equipment and material from a location.
7.    Access control i.e. visitors, contractors, workforce etc into the Clients premises.

Today’s Security Officers play a vital role in the successful operations of any business through appropriate trainings and expertise. Security Officers are the first point of contact for the majority of persons / visitors entering the Client’s business or premises. Security officers are well trained with the policies / laws of the Company as well as the Country and are completely aware that they represent the image and business interest of our Clients.

Our Security Guards are:
1.    Smart in appearance.
2.    Switched on and alert at all times.
3.    Tactful and diplomatic as and when needed.
4.    Tolerant and understanding.
5.    Well versed with the term “Customer care”.
6.    Polite and well mannered.
At DD Security, we passionately believe that every company has different needs and requirements. We, therefore, treat each project on an individual basis and provide customized services, with the overall objective of adding value to our client’s business which ultimately ensures that your property and premises are safer than it is.

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