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The website is entirely based on this section contains the terms and conditions of accessing and using this website. You as a user accept to be bound by these terms and conditions for using this website.

All data and information, in any form, contained by this website entirely belong to DD Security Services and hence can not be copied, reproduced, distributed, downloaded, displayed or transmitted in any form or by any means except stated herein.

All the information and documents submitted by our members will not be sold or exchanged to any party or organization unless obtaining prior permission. However it is understood that all the members are agreed to be shared their information to the related and potential members of the same website.

Protecting the information of all the users of this website is important to us however, we can not take charge of information submitted for open access. We advise our users to get a secure login for protecting their valuable information from unauthorized users.

You being the owner of your information will be self responsible for the content and accuracy of the information you have placed. will not take any kind of responsibility.

PRIVACY TERMS is committed to safeguard your company and personal information submitted to the site which has been made possible by our powerful and reliable data storage technology and security policy. This statement summarizes the policies of the website regarding the receipt, storage, transfer and use of your information for their reliable security. advises its users to view this statement before the submission of your information as its use for the purpose automatically implies your agreement upon the policies.

Data Collection collects personal and private data from its individual and corporate clients and stores in its system for its service to them, for the need of its service enhancement and to prepare the usage statistics of the site.

Please confirm that your information is not in the access of everyone apart from the required side, i.e. you are using the right channel of the site to submit your information.

Disclosure of Information uses your information to ensure your access to our service and in search of our findings against your requirements. For this purpose, it provides access of only the limited parts of your information to the required party which is defined by matching the requirements and features of each other.

If a job seeker submits his/her personal information to our site, this means that he/she agrees to disclose the information to us and the potential employers. Similarly, the submission of information by a firm implies its agreement to disclose them to us and potential employees. However, the disclosure will have certain limitations which measure its necessities.

Safeguard and Access of Information

All the terms and entries related to the personal and private information including data entry, storage, use and disclosure are highly protected by the reliable and powerful system. We guarantee you unless you provide wrong entry to a wrong input section of the site.

So, please make sure of it while using our site.Our website may provide number of links to the users. Here, please be ensured that this privacy statement is for the safe use of only this site; not the other links provided by the other users of this site.

User ID and Password reserves the right for its users to change their login passwords any time they feel its requirement for the security of their information in it. Similarly, they may search for their password if they forget. Just click on 'Forgot Password?' link and follow the instruction shown thereafter.


Cookies are the temporary files left by our site into your system. They enable us to keep track of your visit to our site and thus, to make sure about the information you are searching for in our site so that we can get you in the reach of that. None of your personal information will be copied by or stored into the cookies so that we can have access to them without your permission.

Change to the Privacy Policy

Our privacy policies will be amended and changed from time to time as per their requirement, but the reasons will be non other than the enhancement of your safety and security. So, please get its update from time to time so that you can have well-updated information about the use of our site.

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