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Security services

DD Security carry out a full risk assessment and security analysis of task site prior to commence security service. We deploy our guards in static and mobile duty to protect personnel, property and information.

We ensures our security guards are fully familiar with site and the surrounding area and they are fully experienced and trained. Security guards always wear a smart uniform with our logo. We also ensure the right guards with subjective knowledge of working area. During recruiting process our top priority goes to ex-security service personnel. However, we provide extensive induction security training to general public to prepare for security guard. Our security company is ISO certified organization. Our guards are highly trained for access control by manually and electronically.

We provide our security service in following fields:

  • Residential Complex Security
  • Void Property Security
  • Education Sector Security
  • Warehouses Security
  • Manufacturing & Industrial Premise Security
  • Parking Area Security
  • Construction or project sites Security
  • Corporate Security & reception duties
  • Laboratories Security
  • Hospital Sector Security
  • Aviation Security
  • Airport Security
  • Embassies and Diplomatic Corps Security
  • Film, Radio and television studios Security
  • Dry Port Security
  • INGO /NGO Security
  • Governmental Sector Security
  • Banking Sector Security
  • Hospitality Sector Security

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Mobile Petrol

Our Mobile Patrols solution safeguards your business and property with our experience and professional mobile patrol guards. You can be sure that our fully trained guards will not only act as a cost-effective visual deterrent against crime, but will also offer security beyond their fixed locations in order to maintain total security throughout every inch of your premises and business. Our mobile patrol service do double job of Residential Security Patrol, giving you complete peace of mind. Mobile patrol will be conducted by day and night with vehicle. Mobile patrol will also reinforce the guard location whenever the security threat exist.

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Event Security and Life Guard Service

Our cost-effective and reliable guards will be deploy in all kinds of event in country. We do provide trained manpower on the event of musical concert, fair, carnival, exhibition, road show, and social function/gathering etc. At the same time we do provide special trained manpower for life guard too. Our special guards are able to save lives from water disaster. Those guards would be deploy in swimming pool, pond, river and stream etc.

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Case in Transaction

Hard cash constitutes perhaps the most logical target for professional and hard core criminals. So, high degree of security measure must be apply while handling and transportation of cash. There would be chances of sudden violent raid which may cause loss of life and property. It is also a high risk to the company employees and organization. So, we provides the well trained motivated personnel for CIT work. We provides the guard service for following requirement under CIT:

  • Transportation of cash, valuables and bullion.
  • Collection of case from outlets after banking hours.
  • Physical security of ATM booth.
  • Teller services.
  • Location of overnight stay/temporary storage of cash and valuables.
  • Cash center, where the maximum cash handling takes place.

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Close Protection Service (CPS)

DD Security positions itself as a sophisticated security company, with equipped personnel, to deal with an integrated tactical reaction and incident. This service acts as a viable deterrent against intruders and vandals offers excellent peace of mind and value for money. We provides specially trained manpower to deal with following situation under CPS:

  • On night clubs, hotel, restaurants, casino, bar etc as bouncer.
  • As body guard for VIP and other personal security.

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CC TV monitoring and Alarm System service

Our closed circuit surveillance system is centralized and adapts in best class technology. We provide alarm response service 24/7, 365 days a year, anytime there is an emergency. Even during a false alarm, our control room will always send one of our professional security guards. The risk to you personally or your staff is eliminated by allowing DD Security to respond to alarm. On such situation we will send one of our trained and highly capable security guards to check your property and resolve and situation. We provides following services:

  • 24hr Monitored Alarm
  • 24hr Monitored CCTV
  • Vegetation Control
  • Monitoring Fire and other incidents

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